Cucumber-JVM-Appium - Gradle Project

Creating Gradle Project

You can choose to create a gradle project. Below steps will guide you for the same.

  • Select New Project
  • In the New Project window, select Gradle on the left side of the screen as shown below. If the SDK is already defined in IntelliJ then it will pick up from there, else click New and select the installation folder of the desired JDK.
  • Click Next
  • Give a GroupID, ArtifactID, and a Version for the project. Click Next.

  • Select the option of "Use auto-import" and "Create directories for empty content...". Click Next

  • Lastly enter a project name and project location and click on Finish.

It should create a project with following structure.

Adding dependencies to build.gradle

Open build.gradle file and copy the below two lines

compile 'io.appium:java-client:4.0.0'

```testCompile 'info.cukes:cucumber-java:1.2.4',

Adding app folder

Once the project is created, created folder called apps and put the .apk file there which is your application under test.

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