Desired Capabilities for Android

Since Appium caters to both Android and iOS, there are different set of desired capabilities for Android and iOS.

This section will list all the desired capabilities associated with Android. Majority of them are optional but you can choose to use them as it suits your needs.

Capability Description Values
appActivity Activity name for the Android activity you want to launch from your package MainActivity, .Settings
appPackage Java package of the Android app you want to run,
appWaitActivity Activity name for the Android activity you want to wait for SplashActivity
appWaitPackage Java package of the Android app you want to wait for,
deviceReadyTimeout Timeout in seconds while waiting for device to become ready 5
androidCoverage Fully qualified instrumentation class. Passed to -w in adb shell am instrument -e coverage true -w
enablePerformanceLogging (Chrome and webview only) Enable Chromedriver’s performance logging (default false) true, false
androidDeviceReadyTimeout Timeout in seconds used to wait for a device to become ready after booting e.g., 30
androidDeviceSocket Devtools socket name. Needed only when tested app is a Chromium embedding browser. The socket is open by the browser and Chromedriver connects to it as a devtools client. e.g., chrome_devtools_remote
avd Name of avd to launch e.g., api19
avdLaunchTimeout How long to wait in milliseconds for an avd to launch and connect to ADB (default 120000) 300000
avdReadyTimeout How long to wait in milliseconds for an avd to finish its boot animations (default 120000) 300000
avdArgs Additional emulator arguments used when launching an avd e.g., -netfast
useKeystore Use a custom keystore to sign apks, default false true or false
keystorePath Path to custom keystore, default ~/.android/debug.keystore e.g., /path/to.keystore
keystorePassword Password for custom keystore e.g., foo
keyAlias Alias for key e.g., androiddebugkey
keyPassword Password for key e.g., foo
chromedriverExecutable The absolute local path to webdriver executable (if Chromium embedder provides its own webdriver, it should be used instead of original chromedriver bundled with Appium) /abs/path/to/webdriver
specialChromedriverSessionArgs Custom arguments passed directly to chromedriver in chromeOptions capability. Passed as object which properties depend on a specific webdriver. e.g., {'androidDeviceSocket': 'opera_beta_devtools_remote',}
autoWebviewTimeout Amount of time to wait for Webview context to become active, in ms. Defaults to 2000 e.g. 4
intentAction Intent action which will be used to start activity (default android.intent.action.MAIN), android.intent.action.VIEW
intentCategory Intent category which will be used to start activity (default android.intent.category.LAUNCHER) e.g. android.intent.category.LAUNCHER, android.intent.category.APP_CONTACTS
intentFlags Flags that will be used to start activity (default 0x10200000) e.g. 0x10200000
optionalIntentArguments Additional intent arguments that will be used to start activity. See Intent arguments e.g. --esn , --ez , etc.
unicodeKeyboard Enable Unicode input, default false true or false
resetKeyboard Reset keyboard to its original state, after running Unicode tests with unicodeKeyboard capability. Ignored if used alone. Default false true or false

If you notice above some of the capabilities like appWaitActivity , avd, androidDeviceReadyTimeout are very handy and would be recommended to make use of in your automation suite.

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